About us

Artinjan has been operating since 1984, first as an independent craft shop, and since 1992 as a company, with a complete production process – from cutting and pulling logs, transport, cutting in our own sawmill, drying process and finalization of products and placements to foreign and domestic market.

As a company that uses traditional floor wood, we believe there is nothing like real wood for your floors. Over the past several years, the market is saturated with “plastic wood” which we believe comes from “laminated wood” that we still need to invent. No man ever produced anything that would replace the real thing. The beauty of a good floor is reflected in the right wood with its natural color rings and features that only that wood has, it is vibrant and warm.

Your home is your castle, so treat it with respect and set a floor it deserves … You will love it, and your friends will envy you.

True wood floors

Its base is a cream color, but of all the types, oak has the most versatile features. Not only when it comes to the knotting, but the rings of various ages in beige, brown, pink, red. Once assembled and polished, its appearance is breathtaking and you feel like you can’t even see it entirely, it’s just hypnotizing. Traditional hard wood – the very name gives you an idea of what you’d be getting.

In the previous few years we have been led to believe that man had created ”fake” wood to give us true wood floors. And yet, there is only one true type of reliable hard wood that is truly sturdy, through and through – the traditional type. Regardless of whether it’s oak, ash, beech, hornbeam or any other true wood.

You will learn for yourself that floors made of wood have their own character and a beauty only given by nature. You will also realize that most countries all over the world use wood floors because they are healthier, long-lasting and more practical. No two wooden slats are alike, character-wise and when you assemble them to make a floor you will find your dream coming to fruition.

Once your floor is set, it is so easy to maintain that in most cases occasional hoovering or dusting is quite sufficient.

If after a few years you wish to buff it to recoup some of the gleam, it will be good as new. A concept existing for hundreds of years within houses, churches, schools and various halls is a concept forever.