The parquet can be buffed several times depending on the thickness of the upper wear-and-tear layer. It is known that every subsequent buffing and varnishing in residential units is done only after 25-30 years, with each buffing; a maximum of 2-3 / 10 mm is removed, so with a wear and tear layer of 2mm one can buff at least an additional 2 times.

Our parquets are oiled and lacquered via machines 2-4 times depending on whether they were meant for use within residential or public spaces (restaurants, hotels, conference halls, schools, gymnasiums, libraries, etc).

On the market, for many years, they appear as two-layered, with a thickness of the upper wear-and-tear layer of 2 mm, in practice it has been shown that the lifespan of this type is very long and for many generations infinitely durable.

Double-layer and massive parquet has a higher moisture resistance than other multilayer and massive parquet, due to the underlying substrate, birch multiplex waterproof plywood plates. In case of possible water spillage there is no significant deformation, or there is no swelling of the surface due to humidification, if this unwanted situation occurs, it is very easy to repair, by replacing only those parquet boards instead of the entire floor area that is parquetted.

There are many other advantages of the multi-layered over the classic, both aesthetically and functionally. We believe that much more should be mentioned positively from the point of view of ecology and forestry, in addition to the use of incomparably less rare hard wood that grows slowly, the production of multi-layer parquet has a very important role in nature conservation. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your floor.